Michelle Carlile-Alkhouri Co-founder

Michelle is a multi-media producer with a background in film, theatre and teaching. She worked for Reuters TV as a producer, reporter and presenter for nine years and is passionate about visual-story telling. She has degrees in politics, literature and multi-media practice, post-graduate studies in journalism and theatre and foundation training in person-centred counselling and psychotherapy.

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Louise Carlile Treasurer

Louise has spent more years than she cares to remember working in IT. As a Chartered Accountant, with a background in systems, Louise tends to view the world through the lens of logic, and problems to be solved. What makes her soul sing is the sound of children’s laughter. Make Foundation is her way of bringing

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Michel Alkhouri Co-founder

Michel is a musician, teacher and software tester. He believes music education is a vital part of children’s development, both for the benefits and pure joy it provides. For Michel, music is the only language we all share and through it we can develop empathy, promote social awareness and encourage mutual understanding. He is a

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