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Peace Gives, War Takes

Children often get straight to the heart of the matter with refreshing clarity. Take this picture – Peace Gives, War Takes – a sad and repetitive truth we’re reminded of daily in news reports.

While these can wash over us after a while, drawings, paintings and other art forms cut to the chase bringing the destruction of war, or prosperity of peace back into sharp focus.

In an interview with The New York Times, Gaza artist  Nidaa Badwan said,

Everything that is not art, I try to transform it into art.

Nidaa’s 100 Days of Solitude project is made up of 14 self-portraits all photographed inside her room in Gaza. Nidaa retreated to her room for nearly a year, rejecting the destruction of her surroundings and creating a colourful, vibrant reality inside the confines of her small space.

Likewise, the children of the Castle Art project in the Kurdistan region of Iraq are transforming the former prison walls of their refugee camp and in so doing, bringing hope and happiness to their lives.

Do you have a drawing, painting, image or other art work you’d like to share with the Make Foundation community?

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