We are a registered charity working to bring creative projects to Syrian refugee children living in hardship outside of Syria. Make Foundation was inspired by the song Just Want Home written by Naia Alkhouri when she was 10 years old.


We run educational and community projects that encourage a deeper understanding of the refugee experience and promote empathy through stories from those who have lived that experience. We work collaboratively with schools, artists, musicians, Syrians from a refugee background and others to device group-specific projects.







Our Aim

Build bridges between newly settled Syrians and host communities as well as raise funds to take creative projects to Syrian children still to be resettled. We also like to spark imaginations and spread joy.

Syrian Population 22 Million
Internally Displaced 6.3 Million
Externally Displaced 5.1 Million
Child Refugees 2.3 Million



  • It feels good helping people in need.

    Alice Richards 11-year-old Make Foundation project participant
  • Music is the key to happiness.

    Torie Keating, 8-year-old Make Foundation project participant
  • If we have food, water, a home and love we should be celebrating every day.

    Ella Cessford, 9-year-old Make Foundation project participant
  • So, I learnt how Syrian refugees live. And when you live here you realise how tough their lives are.

    Jackson Hay, 13-year-old Make Foundation project participant
  • I want to be a musician just like them when I grow up.

    Mohi, 5-year-old Syrian refugee after visiting a Make Foundation music rehearsal
  • I never knew how many people were suffering.

    Isla Richards, 9-year-old Make Foundation project participant
  • You can express yourself through music and build hope through music.

    Vincent Da Col, 12-year-old Make Foundation project participant
  • I believe that everyone should have a home.

    Anna Coulman, 12-year-old, Make Foundation project participant


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